YouTube Music Awards Are Back … Maybe Better

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We are all caught in the throes of the YouTube Music Awards, who groundhog-like, has threatened to resurface and glimpse its shadow. While the YouTube Music Awards can’t bring six more weeks of winter, it can bring a general dissatisfaction with life for a couple minutes when you realize that few true YouTubers won any meaningful categories at the initial show. Instead, they were trumped time and time again by YouTubers-in-Vevo-spirit-only like Katy Perry and Eminem.

But this year might be different. For one thing, Vice is executive-producing things. Interesting. Also, it doesn’t seem like it will be an actual awards show, but more a celebration of YouTube musicians with some awards bestowed.

According to their press release:“This March, YouTube will celebrate and award the artists to watch in 2015 as determined by our fans. For one special day, music will be the headline act on YouTube. We’ll take this moment to celebrate the biggest and emerging artists through new and unique music video collaborations with top directors and creators. And fans will be involved in every step along the way, guiding and creating these videos.”

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Sure, NMR is skeptical. Over 54 million people tuned in to watch the YMAs last year — why would they tinker with that? Surely they are going to just hand out more awards to the same mainstream celebrities. But wait! From that same press release:

“To kick off the celebration now, we have big stars and emerging musicians releasing new videos, all of which you can find at our new channel Over the next week, you’ll see new videos from GD X TAEYANG and Megan Nicole, in conjunction with some of the biggest names in music video filmmaking like Colin Tilley. You can stay tuned by subscribing to, where we’ll have some surprises this December, and much more news to announce in January.”

Actual YouTubers! And nary a Rihanna in sight! Could this be? I’ll bite one more time …


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