YouTube Treasure Hunter: Unaired ‘70s TV Pilot ‘Starstruck’

(Ugh, this is from such a terrible scene -- you have no idea yet!)

(Ugh, this is from such a terrible scene — you have no idea yet!)

Sometimes I have to comb through the recesses of YouTube to find junked videos and forgotten footage that is just amazing. Sometimes it comes to me. I am the YouTube Treasure Hunter. Every week I brave spider videos, footage of tornadoes and the occasional inexplicable zit-popping upload to find some of the rarest jewels YouTube has to offer.

Oh, there’s gold in them thar hills, but sometimes you just have to wade through a ton of crap to get to it.

This week’s treasure? An unaired pilot from 1978 called “Starstruck.” It’s about a family of folksy pioneers — the kind who set out to conquer the Old West. Instead, these country rubes are tasked(?) with exploring space and opening a quaint truckstop-style eatery on some strange planet inhabited by stranger beings. I just can’t detail how f**king amazing this is. it’s like “Too Many Cooks” come to life. Pitifully, the opening credits did not weather time as well as the rest of the footage — they jump around a bit, but it eventually settles down.

If you love to watch terrible things for their campiness and kitsch — this is your kind of treasure! Ugh, so, so terrible and yet, transcendent! I’m not sure if I’m relieved or devastated that this never became a thing.

Stay tuned for next Sunday, treasure hunters! I’ve got something that really bursts! No, it isn’t one of those zit-popping videos … you’ll just have to tune in.


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