5 Major YouTube Rivals That Have YouTube Channels

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Welp, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, I guess. It seems that even YouTube’s biggest rivals can’t avoid being caught in the gravity of YouTube. While they might not be officially official — this is sort of like Pepsi’s CEO being caught drinking a Coke, after all — it is still hilarious to think that the companies either innocently started a channel at one point or just couldn’t take not having a presence on the biggest video platform of them all.

A couple show little or no channel activity at all, but they all still have a few subscribers who believe in them, so that’s nice. Somehow I doubt YouTube has a channel on these other sites — it’s good to be the king, I guess. Here are the five rivals of YouTube who have YouTube accounts:

5. Live Leak

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The least popular of all the accounts, as well as one of the less popular YouTube rivals, Live Leak has seemed to embrace its role in life by being one of the most active accounts amongst YouTube’s rivals.

4. Facebook

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While surprising, it shouldn’t be unexpected that Facebook has no recent YouTube activity. Still, 4,000 subscribers is decent for a whole lot of nothing.

3. Dailymotion

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Note the redirect option to Dailymotion.com.

2. Yahoo

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This one isn’t a surprise. For all we know, Yahoo’s long-in-the-works plan to rival YouTube is just to set up shop ON YouTube. They’re like a tick that way, just slowly feeding off their host, weakening it, day by day, hehehe … cunning ol’ Yahoo.

1. Vimeo

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Vimeo’s channel only has 300+ subscribers, but at least it doesn’t have the direct link to its site like whore-ass Dailymotion does.


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