8 Amazing Zelda Videos To Celebrate The WiiU Premiere


Nintendo grabbed the internet’s attention over the weekend when they dropped a neat little video. That video was the long awaited world premiere of Zelda for the WiiU. In the video lead Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma control the game while the game’s original creator Shigeru Miyamoto provides some additional commentary. The video shows off some of the game’s new controls and features as well as the expansive new world hero Link will find himself in when the game launches early next year.



In honor of Nintendo successfully blowing up YouTube we’ve combed the site for some of the best Zelda videos. As one of the most popular game franchises of our generation there’s no shortage of cosplays, music videos, and parodies to be found. Here are 8 of our favorites:

If you need a video game parody done right then there’s really only one team to call. The SMOSH boys put their hilarious spin on Link’s epic quest with this brilliant parody rap video. Come for the sick rhymes, stay for the equally sick Katy Perry burn.



Lindsey Stirling is almost as well known for her love of gamer culture as she is for her role as the world’s top dubstep-violinist. Her medley of the game’s iconic music is not to be missed and she even threw in some cosplay to spice it up.



The music of from the Zelda series is among the most recognizable in gaming history, but it still lacks something. That something is, of course, lyrics. Fortunately YouTuber Brentalfloss took care of that in this now classic video.



There’s already a record of how much we LOVE Katie Wilson, and Katie Wilson loves Zelda so via the transitive property that means that we love Katie Wilson even more! (Is that how math works? I was not good at math.) Katie has a ton of videos on her channel featuring Zelda related content, but the sheer joy depicted in this one takes the cake. Who hasn’t wanted to smash a bunch of clay jars with medieval weapons in search of treasure?


The Warp Zone has kindly unraveled the mystery of Dark Link in this video.



It’s not all about Link of course; this video highlights the best of his fairy sidekick Navi in a variety of everyday situations. On second thought, maybe having a fairy sidekick isn’t the most practical thing here in the real world.



Maybe this more pragmatic version of Navi would be a little more useful.



Finally, talents come in all shapes and sizes and when it comes to dressing up and looking nice in clothes Joey Graceffa certainly has the gift. This video is a throwback to Joey’s cosplaying days and he pulls off a pretty respectable Link, complete with the button-mashing sword flail we all know and love.


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