8 Outrageous Christmas Haul Videos


Christmas is over, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to take stock of all our new stuff, and what better way to do that than with an avalanche of haul videos. Everyone knows that a gift only counts if you show it off to everyone you know and what better way to do that than through the time honored tradition of the haul video. All your favorite YouTubers received loads of swag this year and we’ve picked eight of our favorite hauls to show it off. Check out our top picks to see who got what and called it cute the best!

The lovely Fleur DeForce is already the queen of hauls and no list of the best would be complete with out her. Only a consummate pro could give us a double haul featuring her latest beauty buys AND her fave Christmas presents.

We can’t get enough of the adorkable Karen Kavett so naturally her holiday haul makes our list. Obviously the best gifts are the one’s you give yourself so we’re loving Karen’s pre-Christmas shopping spree. Afterall, nobody knows you like you!

Sanne Vliegenthart of BooksandQuills knows how to win us over with her spectacular book hauls. Check out this video for her favorite December book buys and a smattering of bookish holiday gifts. If you need some inspiration for a belated Christmas present for the big reader in your life this could be just what you need.

No one appreciates Christmas like a kid so there really can’t be a better Christmas haul than this one from kid YouTuber EvanTube and his delightful family.

I admit that when Ellie Mecham “Baby’s Christmas Haul” I was kind of hoping that she had just received a ton of babys for Christmas because that would have been hilarious. Despite being a total let down in that regard this video is full of great gift ideas for the small developing human in your life.

After being ever so slightly let down by the lack of baby stealing in that last video I needed a little pick me up. Fortunately, Lego aficionado BrickQueen got me back on track with her Christmas Lego haul which doubles as a preview of what we’ll see on her channel in early 2015

I have never seen anyone as amped about Lush cosmetics as Bunny Meyer of Grav3yardgirl. This video is supper intense and I am into it. If you were thinking about hitting up Lush for some gifts this year then let Bunny give you the lowdown.

Adelaine Morin isn’t kidding around in her zany Christmas haul. She has a magic hat, and she is going to shrink and yell about some things and we are 100% here for it. This is clearly the most YOLO Haul of 2014.

Share our haul of Christmas hauls and let us know your favorite in the comments. Or just say something nice about me. I’m not picky.