Akilah Hughes Skewers Cultural Appropriation


Akilah Hughes is one of the funniest women on YouTube and her comedy is no less sharp when she’s taking on a serious topic. Sometimes the only way to learn is by laughing at ourselves so we’re definitely digging her latest video. Casual cultural appropriation is an insidious problem because it can happen unnoticed and without the intention to cause harm. Akilah perfectly illustrates the issue by imagining what it would be like if people of color held a “white party” the same way frat boys hold “Mexican” parties. I’m not talking about Diddy’s annual Hamptons fête , i’m talking about a party where the theme is white stereotypes.  It’s a sharp commentary on the way we can harm or devalue people without really thinking or meaning to. Also it’s pretty hilarious. Check it out below:



Comedians aren’t just entertainers; at their best they act as truth tellers holding up a mirror to our faults. Akilah does just that and we totally love her for it. Check out her channel for more laughs, or find her dishing relationship advice on The Feels from Astronauts Wanted.


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