‘Alphabet Aerobics’ Anyone? The 7 Best YouTube Versions, Together At Last

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Perhaps the most daunting lyrical skillset of all time is the ability to spit flawless flow on Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics.” Most people don’t try — but the ones that do, die trying. Such is the game in the streets.

The ones that survive instantly become the stuff of legend on YouTube. And so that’s why we felt compelled to commemorate them with a list of the very best. Now we didn’t just pull this out of our hats, mind you.

Footage of a news reporter pulling off the linguistic feat just went viral. It’s apparently how she warms up for her live news feeds. Here are six other attempts that we found, for lack of a better term, f**king remarkable:

6. Blackalicious

No slight to the innovator, but if you wrote the words, it’s gonna be easier to perform. Still, a rose and a thorn for Blackalicious putting this curse on the rap world.

5. Christine Solberg

Look, this list isn’t really about ranking — if they are here, they are in the Hall of Fame, it doesn’t matter when they got here. This version is excellent, but a little flat compared to the others.

4. Jessica Harlow

This almost isn’t fair … spare some talent for the rest of us, God! The beauty vlogger also apparently memorizes complicated rap lyrics in her free time. Who knew?

3. Sammy James

Backwards! Backwards, son! Whaaaaaaaaat? Sammy James does the song backwards! He might be wrong, I don’t know how to check this. F**k it, give him a trophy.

2. Brizzy Voices

This one is probably the best, but here it sits at number 2. She’s not only lyrically a master, she also masters the cartoon voice canon.

1. Daniel Radcliffe on Jimmy Fallon

Look, I know. I didn’t want to make this one number one, but you know the rules: celebrities are better than the rest of us. So if a celebrity can be a celebrity AND rap “Alphabet Aerobics,” well, I don’t know what to tell you. Plus 32 million views.

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