Annoying Orange Creator Takes Collective DS To Court


Dane Boedigheimer (aka daneboe), creator of The Annoying Orange, has filed a lawsuit against The Collective for allegedly not paying him any portion of the revenue brought in from his channel for the last few months.

The Collective shut down their film and television management department roughly a year ago, and recently closed their music management branch to focus on Collective Digital Studios, the branch which both The Annoying Orange and Boedigheimer’s personal channel are under. It has been speculated by Boedigheimer’s lawsuit that The Collective’s dismissal of these two aspects of their company indicate that they “may be going out of business and [do] not have the financial ability to pay Boedigheimer the money he is owed.”

The Annoying Orange has been a highly successful series on YouTube, boasting over four million subscribers and spawning a TV series that ran for two seasons on Cartoon Network, ending earlier this year.