Are the YouTube Gods Punishing Pharrell Williams With A Lawsuit Against Him?

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Yesterday, we continued our narrative on the impending lawsuit against YouTube by Pharrell Williams and co.’s legal animals over money owed. Apparently karma is real though, and it’s a b*tch. Pharrell just learned of a lawsuit now launched against him by the owners of the YouTube show Artst Tik for ditching them in favor of the more high profile and lucrative television singing competition The Voice.

Now the Artst Tik producers (whom I would say have managed to find the absolute worst name for anything, but they are apparently a litigious bunch, so I won’t) who operate on a hub called Reserve Channel claim their ability to sell the show to television is a lost cause because of burnt bridges and what-have-you, and they demand recompense that may run into the millions of dollars range.

The show, which was a talk show featuring Pharrell as host (along with topless women waitresses, IIRC), ran for one season on YouTube. The producers, who didn’t so much have a contract as an oral agreement of sorts, according to Pharrell’s legal team were looking to exercise their option for a Season 2 when Pharrell left to join The Voice. And the hit TV show evidently has a non-compete clause which prohibits him from doing any other shows, digital or otherwise.

And even though Pharrell is allegedly open to talks of resuming the YouTube show when his four-year contract with The Voice is up, the Artst Tik producers say that ship has sailed.

So now Pharrell has a lawsuit going out and one coming in. This shit is straight Shakespeare. A plague on both your houses!


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