AXE COP Will Chop Your Head Off!


Over the weekend, my friends and I played a game of Munchkin, in which the AXE COP edition was included. “What’s AXE COP?” I asked, and I was not prepared for the answer.

The AXE COP webcomic was created by brothers Ethan and Malachai Nicolle. Ethan, who was 29 at the time, was fascinated by his five-year-old brother’s imagination, and created a web comic around his stories:

Axe Cop 1

From there, the comic rose in popularity before being picked up by Dark Horse Comics, and was then magically turned into a late night show on FOX, that made the network bearable for a sweet minute and a half.

I implore you, explore the depths of AXE COP. It’s brilliant.

And honestly, you should show it to all your friends too. Share the love and the head-chopping!