Bart Baker’s Fans Say Taylor Swift Lifted From Him

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Bart Baker‘s new “Blank Space” parody dusts off an old favorite for Taylor Swift critics — Taylor’s long line of ex-boyfriends.

Oh, and as with all of Bart’s Taylor parodies, Taylor is still Satan. As in the literal Devil.

It’s a hard dating scene for the Morning Star, so perhaps it’s only right that she dates and tortures Nash Grier, about of whom we and our friends have a few things to say. Of course, it’s more about what he’s said over and over and over with a fig leaf apology as his only response.

I highly doubt having him date Satan was a sly commentary on his actions.

But Bart’s fans, which he notes in this parody, allege on the original “Blank Space” video that Taylor stole the idea of mocking herself as a psycho chick from Bart’s own videos. It does ask an intriguing question of the line between creative inspiration and actual “lifting” of material, particularly when it’s an internationally renowned musician allegedly pulling from a popular YouTube parody artist.

How is an idea “stolen?” How specific does it have to be to be “yours?” Is “Taylor as psycho ex-girlfriend” enough of a “plot” that Bart can claim it as undeniably his? Or is it that Taylor’s simply making a song and video that pulls from her own life? The parody itself doesn’t seem to make a final judgment on it — that battle’s happening over in the original video’s comments. (It gets interesting after you wade through the sexism and ad hominem — okay, listen, it’s a YouTube comments section, you know what you’re getting into.)

One thing we do know: A boy with a dangerous attitude toward young women continues to be people’s first choice for collaborations. Bart, friends, can we not? Please? There are plenty of popular young men out there. Connor Franta’s a nice young man, give him a call instead.


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