Bong Apétit! Pot Chef Grandma Gets Munchies Baked

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.57.53 PM

The Munchies channel, longtime YouTube super-foodies have apparently a brilliant method for always being hungry: weed.

Journeying up into the hidden hills of Humboldt County (they don’t identify it, but I grew up there), Munchies seeks out Grandma Weed — or, Nonna Marijuana — as she is lovingly called. Fantastically spry and funny, this little ol’ lady of ganja teaches some great Italian recipes that are pot-heavy. Even if this vid were just this old lady doing a cooking tutorial for Munchies it would be great — that she’s doing weed cooking is AMAZING.

You know what’s even better than watching an old lady cook stuff with weed? Watching an old lady cook stuff with weed while you’re SMOKING WEED. Just sayin’.


Kids, DON’T do drugs, DO share this video with people who can appreciate it — like that cool-ass, longhaired uncle of yours. He’ll like it.