Brad Pitt Busts Cyber-Terrorists


Earlier this week, we ran a story in which Sony Pictures accused agents of the North Korean government of hacking the company’s private network and leaking several unreleased films, a move that could cost the company millions. The attack was allegedly retaliation for Sony’s release of The Interview, a James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy that depicts North Korea “great leader” Kim Jong-Un in an unflattering light. After years of threatening the U.S. with chemical, biological, and even nuclear attacks, North Korea finally unleashed its deadliest weapon of all: Cameron Diaz in the new Annie.

A cyber-attack…on a major corporation…by a rogue state…over a movie? It sounds like the plot of an over-the-top action film. And it’s not just Sony — hackers have been responsible for some world changing events over the last several years. That’s why the Draw My News team has conjured up Brad Pitt, more specifically his Aldo Raines incarnation, the hard-nosed Nazi killer from 2009’s Inglourious Basterds. If anyone knows how to stare down a seemingly unstoppable enemy bent on reshaping the world, it’s him.



Now that you know more about hacking in all its forms, maybe you can stop building that wifi-free bunker in your back yard? Come on, it’s not that scary.


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