Can Steam Overtake Twitch With Its New Streaming Feature?

Steam Twitch
Valve has rolled out the beta-version of its in-client streaming service that may become Twitch’s greatest competitor yet.

The service, which tentatively launched today, would broadcast from within Steam and allow Steam users to “watch friends play, with the click of a button”. While the service seems to be a community service, it also has a public broadcast button that could allow users to stream their games as they currently do with Twitch.

Both companies’ rules of conduct are similar with the exception of the oft controversial “sexy clothing ban” Twitch has, albeit Steam does not have a camera option for streamers. For Steam, it appears to be strictly about the content of the game, which is great for anyone who lives in a warm climate that wants to take their shirt off.

Another big difference for some who make a living off streaming is this rule:

  • [No] soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals

Which could put a dent in revenue, but also implies that there won’t be a pay-to-subscribe button in the future.

At the moment, broadcasts are live and not archived (remember it’s still in beta). Streams are not recorded, nor can they be shared at the moment.

So, what do you guys think? Is this a legitimate threat to Twitch or just another clone that will fade with time?

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