Cards Against Humanity Kwanzaa SONG? – #NEWS Holiday Special

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Have a very crappy Christmas featuring the #News team and Cards Against Humanity! Because it’s the holidays and we love you, we’ve brought together Gabe Hohreiter, Anais Fairweather and Chad Neidt for a very special #News Holiday Extravaganza. Watch as Gabe, Anais and Chad play a little Cards Against Humanity, make a little music and discuss what the creators of the popular card game have been up to. Namely, their recent protest of Black Friday by selling boxes of “bullshit,” meaning literal poop in a box for $6 each, and their “10 Days of Kwanzaa or Whatever” promotion with ten random mystery gifts through the month of December. The episode ends with a Cards Against Humanity song, because the holidays aren’t the holidays without loud off-key singing.


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Executive Producer: Jeben Berg



Gabe Hohreiter

Anais Fairweather

Chad Neidt

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Directed by: Filup Molina
Producer: Jenni Powell
Executive Producers: Nathan Jordan, Rory Haines

Written and Edited by: New Media Rockstars

Office PA: Amy Leonard
Editorial Assistant: Christine Linnell