CBS Gives Love To YouTube Kids Gabe & Garrett

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Need to know what toys secretly suck this Christmas? Gabe and Garrett have the inside track. Hot Wheels track that is (okay, that joke sucked). The boys, along with their parents, Brian and Laurie (who is a fox by the way — good work, Brian!), run a family business making awesome YouTube videos for kids, testing all the toys of the world.

I wonder how many kids try to copy this dynamic, only to fail and become jaded at the world?

Last night, CBS Evening News did a piece on the boys, with their correspondent John Blackstone marvelling how much money they make (roughly $730,000) … but as Brian tells NMR, really it’s more about getting to spend time together as a family than the money. It’s key that Brian feels that way because the lone commenter on CBS’ website regarding the piece raises a good point:

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For the time being though, the brothers, who are six and eight, are the on-camera talent, while their dad films and edits the videos and Laurie handles production concerns. Sure the money is a benefit, but so are the toys! All the major toy companies are routinely hitting them up, trying to get their latest offerings to the boys, hoping for some camera love. Shaping the future of toy development has got to feel pretty awesome as well.

And who knows, as the boys age, their audience is going to age right along with them. Before you know it, they’ll be reviewing acne cream, fake IDs and condoms. Hell, this thing could go on forever.

The downside of being featured on a national news story is that you have to appear in John Blackstone’s weird Instagram photos — apparently the price of him doing a story on you. I’m not sure what this is exactly … is he supposed to be a ghost, haunting these boys? Their long dead great grandfather mysteriously popping up to rub their shoulders and tell them about the war between the states? No, I don’t care for this photo and its hipster filtering. Too bad Chris Hansen is over on NBC …

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Share this article because its a neat story about family and YouTube — a nice change of pace from our usual depravity. Okay, fine, we mucked it up a little at the end with snark and innuendo … but it’s mostly a nice piece!