Conversations With Rosie Pope Now On Amazon Mom

The allure of the web continues to pull in television stars and creators, and Rosie Pope, star of the Bravo reality series Pregnant In Heels, is the latest to engage web audiences through a new series in association with Amazon: Conversations with Rosie Pope.

Back in 2007-2008, Rosie and her husband Daron, in looking at the media space, found little in the way of motherhood voices. You had “Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray, but nothing really in the motherhood space.”

With plenty of motherhood brands but no personalities, Rosie set out with Rosie Pope Maternity, with stores in New York and Santa Monica. After getting “extreme” clients in NYC and Los Angeles, Bravo caught wind of her exploits and launched Pregnant In Heels, which went for two seasons.


However, Rosie felt “the services performed on the show were extreme and not representative of how I believed I could ultimately be most helpful,” and wanted to create a video series on her terms. “Reality TV didn’t feel right, and cable would limit” their ability to speak their minds.

“Parenting videos out there right now are just terrible. You get long, boring, overly-PC and unrelatable videos,” says Pope.

“There was this consistent pattern with video creation,” Daron Pope added. “When you hand over the creative keys to marketing, the finished content product tends to end up awful” and so they “grew an appetite to produce our own stuff.”

The relationship with Amazon, being Amazon Mom’s guest advisor, provides an interesting connection with merchandising, “marrying together good content with the products you need,” and “showing off the motherhood space, but carefully,” Rosie says, wanting to avoid the pitfall of such video series becoming glorified commercials.


As for the choice of Amazon over other outlets, Rosie found those other outlets to be less “entrepreneurial,” and that cable TV would “spend money, shoot a show and throw it up before figuring out if it’d work.”

“Our research and partnering with Amazon has been great for us,” Pope says.


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