Crackle Holds Off On Hacker Film After Sony Hack


The Sony Pictures hack continues to shake things up in Hollywood as loads of emails, scripts, and even full unreleased films continue to leak to the public. The media has been quick to sift through all of the leaked material looking for interesting, illuminating, or even just plain scandalous material to publish now that the usually secretive mega-studio has been sliced wide open, and one of the many companies that’s feeling the burn happens to be in our own back yard.

Crackle, the online video site responsible for popular web shows like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and Cleaners, is delaying its upcoming film The Throwaways, billed as a “cyber-thriller” about criminal hackers, due to the trouble its parent company is currently experiencing. The film stars Sam Huntington as a notorious hacker recruited to stop a cyber-terrorist plot. The film also features Kevin Dillon and James Caan. In light of the real life hacker drama Crackle has pushed the debut of The Throwaways from December 16th to an undetermined date in early January. (Noted: Since we started writing this story Crackle has pulled the film’s trailer and all promotional material off its website and YouTube channel.)


This isn’t the first injury Crackle has suffered at the hands of the Sony hack. Emails published last week reveal that Sony has been toying with the idea of selling off the digital studio to raise some extra cash. According to leaked emails Sony considered selling a 51% controlling stake in Crackle to the highest bidder. According to the emails Sony execs have valued Crackle, which has produced Emmy nominated programming like Comedians In Cars at around $200 million, selling a controlling share could bring the trouble studio as much as $100 million to spend on new projects.

Crackle could be missing a big opportunity by not cashing in on the hacker buzz to give The Throwaways an even bigger opening. Still, it probably doesn’t pay to score points at your bosses’ expense, especially when you know they’ve been thinking about selling you to the highest bidder.


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