Does YouTube’s Music Service Have a Swift Advantage?


Taylor Swift may be never ever ever getting back together with Spotify, but America’s current favorite princess of pop is still going strong with YouTube. Since Taylor pulled her music from streaming giant Spotify views of her music on YouTube have spiked as fans scramble to get their daily dose of Taylor free of charge. Taylor’s views on YouTube have more than doubled since her epic break up with Spotify, a split that couldn’t have come at a better time for YouTube. The video giant was in the midst of launching their music streaming service when Taylor split with Spotify and the continued presence of her music on YouTube bolsters the site’s reputation as a premium music destination.

Despite vocally criticizing the streaming music business model, Swift has made no moves to remove her music from other platforms, giving YouTube a significant and timely advantage over one of its biggest competitors. While it’s not quite a make-or-break advantage for Music Key, having a monopoly on one of the world’s most in-demand popstars in the wake of her biggest album release to-date certainly doesn’t hurt the services chances of catching on. The data also proves YouTube’s fundamental point about its music offerings. Users already know that they can turn to YouTube to find any music they might want; the only thing missing until now has been the ability to stream efficiently without getting bogged down with video. With Music Key that problem is solved.



While breaking up with a streaming service like Spotify was well within Taylor’s abilities, splitting with YouTube would be more complicated. Swift would need to escape from her relationship with VEVO and find a new outlet for music videos which are a key part of promoting any album. That means YouTube’s Taylor advantage is here to stay and Spotify better start praying to Beyoncé for another surprise album.


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