Dreamworks Kills YouTube Nation To ‘Focus On’ DreamworksTV

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The nature of YouTube for major corporations is “easy come, easy go.” Companies that spring up with much fanfare and financial backing from corporate sponsors find the space a sometimes uneasy space to navigate. Such, apparently, is the case with the much-hyped YouTube Nation, which will air its last episode tomorrow (Friday Dec. 5, if you’re reading this from the vast and terrifying wastelands of the distant future).

Started by Dreamworks, YouTube Nation was intended to be the defining source for YouTube News on YouTube. Instead they ran into a buzzsaw called NewMediaRockstars. What up now, b*tches?

Okay, that’s not entirely true — really, even though they amassed more than 2 million subscribers since their launch in January, the channel never pulled in the views that made Verizon want to continue as a major backer. Now Dreamworks intends to move on to its new project — launching DreamworksTV, a site that is less news, more original content involving live footage and animation works from its storage shed of characters and concepts.

While I feel unnecessarily compelled to state that I did not get the news from them, it should probably be stated that Tubefilter broke this one. I know, I know, it kind of makes me queasy too. My guess is that they were invading the dreams of teenagers to murder them when they managed to ferret this information from somewhere.

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YouTube released the following generic statement: “We want to thank the team at YouTube Nation for working so hard over the last year to bring fans an in-depth look at the amazing breadth of creators on YouTube. We are always looking at ways to spotlight our creator community, and plan to focus our efforts around other initiatives, including our global advertising campaigns and YouTube originals.”

(Jeff salutes and plays a mournful dirge on a kazoo)


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