Drunk Girls Arrested In McDonald’s Drive Thru Is … Amazing.

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The best part of Beavis and Butthead was always their commentary on terrible music videos — it was like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the MTV generation. Well, now that we’re in the YouTube Generation, these two possibly stoned doofuses bring an excellent commentary to this video of two drunk girls getting arrested in a McDonald’s drive thru. It’s pretty goddamned special.

The girls, who actually know the guys from high school (ahh, small town living) saunter around, beers in hand, and scream at the McDonald’s employees while refusing to leave. Expectedly, the cops show up and the whole thing is wondrously caught on film.

Stay tuned for the inevitable scene where the one drunk girl starts screaming, “I’m pregnant!” Delightful.

There is some offensive language (the colorful language of the late night drive thru world), so if you’re listening at work, try to keep your speakers down.


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