Fine-ally! The Fine Bros.’ Nick Show Has Premiere Date


When we told you back in February that that the Fine Brothers would be bringing their massively popular React series to television it seemed like we’d have to wait a lifetime, but time flies when you’re having fun. Nickelodeon has announced the premiere date for Benny and Rafi Fine’s React To That and it’s only a few short days away. The series will premiere on Nick on Monday, December 15th and will stick to the Fine’s tried and true formula of showing a group hand-picked individuals reacting to a popular viral video.

The React series is already a huge crowd pleaser on YouTube. Videos from the show’s many iterations, Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, and YouTubers React routinely hit the top of the most viewed charts on YouTube. The series has also spawned its own spin-off channel where the Fine Bros post extra React-related content including a brand new series React: Gaming. React has even minted some of its own stars, most notably Lia Marie Johnson whose YouTube career got a major boost from her frequent appearances on Teens React.

The new show will be produced by the Fine Bros. in partnership with NCredible Entertainment. Nick enthusiasts of all stripes may recognize that name as the production company run by former Nickelodeon star turned entertainment mogul (and ex-Mr. Mariah Carey) Nick Cannon. React To That will feature a mix of kids and celebrities reacting to viral videos. To spice up the 30 minute show, each episode will also include a unique challenge based on the video.

The first episode will be headlined by YouTube megastar Bethany Mota with an assist from React mainstay Lia Marie Johnson. (In a perfect storm of cross-promotion Johnson is also the star of an upcoming Nickelodeon TV movie based on her “Terry The Tomboy” character) Also on tap to guest are kid Nick stars Paris Smith of Every Witch Way, and Mace Coronel and Aidan Gallagher of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn.

Monday night’s episode premieres at 6pm and will be the first of 13 ordered by Nickelodeon.

Updated 12/15/14: The Fine Bros themselves reached out on Twitter to share a super fun fact! Turns out that Paris Smith, who currently stars as the enchanting Maddie Van Pelt on Nick’s Every Witch Way is also an old-school React alum! Check out this playlist to see Paris react to YouTube treasures like Dude Perfect, “Eagle snatches kid,” and Asdfmovie! The YouTube takeover is already well underway.


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