Follow Friday: The Best in Fake News!

In honor of the great Stephen Colbert moving on from the world of fake news, this week’s #FollowFriday highlights some of the best spoof news accounts on Twitter. Give them a follow and have a laugh about the state of modern journalism — because laughing is better than beating your head against the desk.

Evan DeSimone

The New York Times might be the paper of record for many, but their digital offerings can sometimes feel a little dated. In the internet age The Times has developed a reputation for delivering its fair share of over-the-hill trend pieces and non-stories to fill the cyber void. Enter “The Times Is On It,” the best fake news account in the game. @NYTOnIt keeps readers up to speed on breaking news that the real Times is totally on top of. Exciting and news worthy headlines like “Queens Is Still A Place” and “The ‘stache? Maybe coming back” are really everything you need to stay informed.

Jeff Klima

Ahh, how could I not choose The Onion for Follow Friday. The most brilliant satire in all the land now that The Colbert Report is off the air. What’s really stupendous about the fake news and their hilarious headlines is how many unknowing media outlets and social media morons run with the stories as true. The only thing better than reading a great tweet from the Onion is reading it via a link through someone else’s outraged Twitter feed. If you aren’t already following this masterful site, you’re only doing yourself a disservice.

Christine Linnell

The Fake AP Stylebook has been a favorite of mine ever since journalism school. Just because proofreaders and editors are pedantic nitpickers doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of humor about it. They haven’t tweeted for a while, but hopefully some of the recent ridiculous headlines will get them back in the game.


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