Follow Friday: The Best of Instagram!

Sometimes Instagram can feel like nothing but overly-filtered selfies and pictures of brunch, but some people have found a way to do really amazing things with just a phone camera, an artistic eye and a bit of humor. This week’s Follow Friday features some of our top picks.

Evan DeSimone

Let’s face it, after a while Instagram can get pretty tired. Every other post is a beautiful sunset or a perfectly filtered latte. Between that and a horde of celebrities flaunting their flawless(ly photoshopped) bodies and outfits that cost more than your car, it can all get a little overwhelming. But there are other ways to ‘gram, my friends. The New Zealand teen behind @Waverider_ has gained online fame and loads of followers with his clever low-fi parodies of celebrity selfies. This account is the perfect antidote for the onslaught of perfectly contoured Kardashians and impeccably styled Selenas.

Christine Linnell

The lovely @kakiwest appears to be blotting her lipstick with a burger.

Ein von @youdidnoteatthat gepostetes Foto am

I’m as guilty of Instagramming my food as the next person, but even I get irritated when models who clearly only eat salad and coconut water pose seductively with junk food, like they effortlessly maintain a perfect size zero/washboard abs while stuffing themselves with In-N-Out cheeseburgers. (Even worse when it’s an advertisement and that delicious hotdog or ice cream cone they’re holding is some kind of p*nis metaphor, I mean come on.) So I’m pretty delighted with @youdidnoteatthat, an Instagram devoted to people who use food as a prop in an elaborate photoshoot, take a bite or two at most, throw the rest away and pretend the picture is a casual selfie over dinner (#nofilter!). Sometimes the people in question get huffy and show up in the comments insisting they do eat entire slices of pizza sometimes, thank you very much — but you have to admit it’s pretty funny.

Rachel Kiley

no rest for the wicked

A photo posted by ? (@jacqui13) on

I know people love instagrams of scenery. Pretty sunsets, beaches, fields of wildflowers, all that shit. When you live in Los Angeles, most of your friends are posting pictures of the first two like, all the time.

I am not a person who appreciates these things.

What I do love is architecture. Skyscrapers, intricate staircases, clean lines, shiny glass — gimme. Now. So the last time I was apartment hunting, I spent a lot of time browsing LA-related hashtags on instagram to try to find neighborhoods that appealed to my structural sensibilities. And I wound up falling in love with jacqui13’s shots of downtown LA. She’s got some other cities and places in the mix, but so many of her photos are of places in my very own backyard (so to speak — haha as if any normal people in LA can afford backyards) that I can’t wait to explore. But even if you don’t live here and never plan to (good for you! No, really), her pictures are not only of awesome places and architecture, but they have great composition and coloring as well. None of that grainy filtery stuff that you find on most instagrams like, well, my own.

Cat O’Grady


A photo posted by @melvin_arizmendi on

I like tattoos. I like pretty, colorful, delicate tattoos. I like tattoos that say yes I’m a girl and I like pretty things and I’m going to get that fact carved into my body with needles, what are you going to do about it? (I also like geeky, nerdy tattoos, but that’s a story for another day.) One of my favorite artists, introduced to me by my little sister, is Melvin Arizmendi.

She is talented and her art is beautiful. She isn’t afraid to use color, and she has done a lot of tattoos of mermaids, which is something I like in a woman. I follow a lot of tattoo artists, it’s actually most of my Instagram feed, but Melvin is something special. If you want someone to follow this Friday, look no further.

Logan Rapp

“That one friend who can’t keep a secret” #tag3people #destorm

A video posted by DeStorm Power (@destorm) on

I don’t … why are you all looking at me like that? I don’t know, I guess Instagram’s okay — hey, leave that door open, don’t lock — ugh. I guess it’s just you and me, huh, guys? The other writers slid a note under my door telling me that if I wanted out I’d have to actually do something for one of these group articles “for once in your lazy sack of a life,” so I suppose… uh, hell with it, I like DeStorm Power‘s Instagram. Whenever he’s got a Vine that had to be cut down, he’ll throw it up here to give you a little more.

And the guy’s hilarious. So there. I can get out of here now, right guys? Hey. You out there? Rachel, I can hear you snickering. Oh. Door locks on the inside. I’ll let myself out.


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