Gamer Boogie 2988 Uncovers Nintendo Amiibo Scams

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One of the best things about Boogie 2988 (aside from his Francis character) is his dedication to being frank and candid about the state of gaming and the sometimes frustrations associated with it.

Today’s video touches on THE hot toy of Christmas 2014 — Nintendo Amiibo figures. For use in association with the Wii, the little figurines can interact with various games or act as a space saving tool. For some reason, the detailed characters have clicked with consumers and made certain characters hard-to-get commodities. And according to Boogie, the major retail stores and Nintendo are somewhat complicit in manufacturing the scarcity.

Citing press releases, personal experience and internal memos, Boogie is on the trail of discovering an agenda by retailers like Best Buy and Gamestop to become a hub of late-in-the-Christmas-season Amiibo sales by withholding them from consumers now (despite their presence in stores).

Nintendo’s involvement seems less scheming and more indicative of a company that doesn’t know what to do with what it has as they’ve released conflicting statements that have left gamers uncertain about the future of their favorite characters.

It’s an interesting supposition and one that can potentially become a larger issue — especially considering Nintendo has already put themselves in a hard position with YouTube’s gamers by kicking off a spate copyright issues around this time last year.

If Boogie2988 suddenly stops posting videos and his Rascal scooter is found in a ditch, just know the conspiracy is real, people!


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