Grumpy Cat Movie Shreds Internet, Makes Child Abuse Joke

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So, while we were all tucked in over the Thanksgiving weekend, or some of you were out scouring for last minute Black Friday deals (because the shopping day now lasts a week apparently), Grumpy Cat was fighting off thieves and attempting to rescue her mall pet store.

The internet couldn’t decide how to take all this. While the ratings numbers on Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever aren’t in yet (damn old world technology), the movie as a topic was trending in real time on Twitter, and judging by fan reactions, it was either a) the worst thing ever, b) hilarious or c) just okay.

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Even star Aubrey Plaza, who voiced Grumpy Cat, seemed confused by the movie as she posted on Twitter, “Can someone explain the plot of this to me? I have no idea,” during her marathon tweet-heavy “watch purrty.” Don’t read the tweets if you didn’t watch the movie yet and don’t want spoilers!

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Perhaps the most interesting moment of the movie came when the little girl Chrystal (worst spelling of a name ever?) who befriends Grumpy Cat is asked by her mom if she was hurt by the thieves (yes, thieves, watch the damn movie already) and Grumpy Cat says, “That’s a whole different Lifetime movie — if you know what I mean.” Yeah, Grumpy Cat just made a child getting hit joke. Because Lifetime is famous for men-beating-women cautionary tales. Allegedly Plaza improvised many of the best lines after the film was shot, and this feels like it has her sardonic bent all over it. Good stuff.

So is it a good movie? Well, if you’re the kind of person who can accept cats driving cars and a thin premise built upon sticking the most popular internet meme of all time in front of a camera, well, I think you will find it … just okay.

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That being said, if there is a sequel — and Plaza thinks there should be — Grumpy Cat Goes Hawaii (Meowui!), we will definitely watch. But then, we like pain.


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