Scene That Got Sony’s The Interview Movie Cancelled Leaked

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With the James Franco, Seth Rogen comedy The Interview being scrapped by Sony, there is a good chance it becomes our generation’s The Day The Clown Cried. Fortunately, we live in the Digital Age and the same style of hacking that brought the movie down in the first place also made it possible for us to see the scene that caused the movie to be scrapped: the Kim Jong Un death scene.

YouTube yanked the footage immediately, but one user was savvy enough to make a mirror video, accessible here.

“The Interview” is/was a comedy about two reporters tasked with going into North Korea and killing their president, Kim Jong Un.

In the days leading up to its theatrical release, Sony’s database was infiltrated by North Korean hackers exposing a litany of extremely sensitive information. Additionally, the country promised 9/11-style attacks if it was released and the outrage caused the actors involved to cancel all promotional appearances for the film.

As the internet who brings us these images sagely points out though: the United States would be FURIOUS if some other country made a movie about assassinating our president. So there’s that to mull over.


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