Hillary Clinton Covers Mariah Carey Because Life Is Weird


In the never ending American electoral cycle it’s never too early to start talking about who will be running for president next time around. Fans and pundits have been speculating about Hillary Clinton 2016 since approximately Barack Obama 2012. The former senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State certainly has an impressive enough resume for the job and since her last run for the White House she’s done a great job of rebranding herself. Just a few years after she was called cold and unelectable Hilary has managed to channel some cool-mom vibes and even become a meme.

Fans have been clambering Hil to announce that she’s running in 2016, and now YouTube channel Newsy News has gone ahead and imagined what it would like if Hillary launched her run for the White House with a seasonally appropriate Christmas cover song. Watch Mrs. Clinton announce her candidacy with a very special Mariah Carey cover. We’re not sure this is the best way for Hillary to go politically, but it can’t be any worse than her existing campaign song, the disasterous “Stand With Hillary.”


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