How Frozen & A Dog Made 2014’s Best Video

Full Disclosure: I love the song “Let It Go.” I’m not even a little bit tired of it. I could listen to it over and over. I also like dogs. So this f**king dog who clearly digs on “Let It Go” is pretty much my best buddy. And I don’t even know him.

2014 was a weak year for epic videos. From the top-viewed videos of the year, only the girl walking in NYC will ever be referenced again. But this dog video, with its “paltry” 4 million views, speaks to a higher truth: “Let It Go” can bridge the gap between man and beast. Remember in Frozen how the guy and his reindeer were buddies and “sang” together? It’s a neat scene because that’s what we’re looking for in an animal companion: a pet that “gets” us. From this understanding of a dog’s love for “Let It Go” we can begin to decipher the language of pets. Selective breeding can proceed heretoforth. Or, if we clone this specific dog, millions of people who revelled in the magic of “Let It Go” can have an animal friend like Sven the reindeer. There are lots of shitty pets who don’t do anything and don’t respond to any sort of human stimulus. This dog gets it! He is the chosen one! He might also be a “she,” so don’t think sexism is at play here.

The point is: I want this dog and I want it now. I want to sing with it. And because I grew up like you, a spoiled American believing that I’m entitled to have whatever I want, I demand my own version of this dog. So I guess I should have clarified at the beginning: this video is the best of 2014 — for me! The rest of you can pound sand. “Let it go… Let it go….”


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