Is A GoPro The Cure For Your Lame Life?


There are few brands more famous on YouTube for their innovative and totally epic video content than GoPro. The company, which makes video cameras designed to be both easily portable and durable enough to survive extreme action circumstances, have produced some of the most compelling and familiar footage on YouTube. Everything from skydiving headcams, to base jumping, to first-hand views of downhill skiing have been captured by GoPro or the YouTube creators they’ve teamed up with. It might lead one to think that owning a GoPro guarantees you an action packed life.

That’s what YouTuber Mike Fry thought when he first strapped on his GoPro. Unfortunately he seen learned that real life doesn’t always live up to GoPro’s expert marketing. Check out this side-by-side comparison to see for yourself.



I guess you can’t always believe the hype, even when it is perfectly produced in 1080p.

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