It’s Christmas! Here’s 7 Feel Good Videos To Celebrate!

Sometimes the holidays can get kind of rough, particularly for those who can’t make it home. So this year, sit back, relax, and enjoy some fun, informative, and happy videos!

Christmas music usually means the same mind numbing tracks year in and year out. This year, Kanye decided to release his own holiday track to break up the monotony.

Darth Vader and Santa Claus are combined in the strange Between-Two-Ferns interview that’s a blast to watch.

It’s time to learn ya some! The PBS Idea Channel breaks down 31 things you couldn’t possibly know about some of your favorite holiday songs.

Gift giving is staple of the holiday, but I never thought giving tickets would be something that would make people happy:

Kids are easy to prank on Christmas, and some heartless parents love to do it much to our own entertainment!

Here’s a quick lesson on what not to get your girlfriend for Christmas… or any other holiday for that matter:

This lucky guy met the girlfriend of a Seattle Seahawks player, and for the holidays, she gave him the ultimate fan gift.

Happy Holidays all! Share out the cheer to your friends!