Jack Vale: Offline — HLN Brings Pranking Family To TV

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Television continues to poach YouTube’s best and brightest.

The latest gain by television involves legendary prankster Jack Vale and his talented family of troublemakers. The show, which looks to be called Jack Vale: Offline, will feature the pranking antics of the seven members of the family Vale, along with some, you know, loving family stuff thrown in for good measure. While Jack and his brood will continue their YouTube chicanery, they’ll be doing it along with their new show in a new locale: Las Vegas.

Yup, the first family of pranking is heading to Sin City. And the number seven can be very good luck in Vegas. Jack, his wife Sherry, and their kids Jake, Chris, Madysyn, Jaxon and Jazmyn (and maybe their “adopted sixth kid,” Jeff “Vale” Klima?) are going to be trolling the Strip in search of new targets to punish and provoke. I can hardly wait until they make a destitute gambler appear to fart while he desperately tries to hock his watch for cheap. Or maybe there will be an episode where they challenge those Pawn Stars guys to a family softball game? The reality show has just been announced, so dates on the when are sketchy still, but as long as a show bears the Vale name you know it will be funny at the least.

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HLN, which is best known for Nancy Grace and her angry diatribes against evil, will play host to the family Vale as they strike their fortune and ply their trade off of YouTube. Naturally, we decided we needed to know a little more about what we could expect from the first family of pranking. We reached out to Jack to ask some quick questions. We’ll update if and when we hear back.

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