Joe Bereta Is Leaving SourceFed


After a long stint as one of the original three SourceFed hosts, Joe Bereta has announced today that he’s in the final two weeks of his time with the news entertainment channel.

“[I]t was time to move forward and seek new challenges and opportunities,” Bereta writes on his personal blog. “From VidCon to DeFranco Does and white wall videos to Table Talks, these will be some of my most cherished professional and creative memories. But it’s time for a risk.”

Joe will be moving on to become Creative Director at Defy Media as well as “work[ing] closely with Smosh on exciting new comedy projects.”

We wish Joe the best, and as a fitting soon-to-be-sendoff, I’ve compiled three of my favorite Joe moments from SourceFed:

Feelin’ Good: Hero Dog Edition

Harlem Shake v72 (SourceFed Edition

Joe and Elliott Push Lee for Maxim Hot 100

F**k it, here’s a fourth: BTS for the whole crew back in 2012. SourceFed has changed so much!

We love you, Joe! Good luck!

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