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Tuesday, December 30th 2014

Even on hiatus, John Oliver proves that he’s the king of YouTube. The Last Week Tonight host isn’t officially back on the air until January, but his “Web Exclusives” have been keeping fans satiated with his fresh and hilarious take on current events. Oliver is topping the charts today with a quick tutorial on how to avoid those un-fun New Year’s Eve commitments. Further down the charts, Action Movie Kid made an appearance received the wildest Christmas present imaginable. In an amazing show of YouTuber generosity, all the proceeds from this latest video will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Buzzfeed Yellow hit the charts with some highly #relatable content as some of their newly minted video stars discussed the residual feelings that go with growing up heavy. Buzzfeed has been slaying the top 20 charts in recent months with their unique mix of comedy and social commentary. However, if you’re looking for something a tad less relatable you might enjoy the trailer for action-heavy Everly, the Salma Hayek assassin thriller that closes out today’s Top 20.

#1 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: New Year’s Eve (Web Exclusive) – Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

#2 Kibo Can’t Even – Jon Sun

#3 Did Ndamukong Suh intentionally step on Aaron Rodgers’ leg? – Fox Sports

#4 Cornstarch Flamethrower –Ivan Owen

#5 Kings Reggie Evans Tries 4-on-5 vs. Nets, Fails – TheBrooklynGame

#6 7 (More) Subliminal Messages in Corporate Logos – Business Insider

#7 The Timefreezers – Simon Byrne

#8 Nobody Is Safe From The Fashion Police – E! Entertainment

#9 I’m Telling On You – C.J. Huffman

#10 What It’s Like Being A Former Fat Kid – BuzzfeedYellow

#11 ESF #MisinformationHack – Focus – Ebola Survival Fund

#12 Mike Wallace Is Spoken For By Brandon Gibson – NO1HEATFAN

#13Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of Captain America: The Winter SoldierILMVisualFX

#14 I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas – Action Movie Kid

#15 Jennifer Lawrence Does C-A-R-D-S Cheer Louisville vs. Kentucky 12-27-2014 – The Crunch Zone

#16 Can You Soda It – Buzzfeed Video

#17 This is a real gas station toilet. Seriously – Bigsmilenoteeth’s Channel

#18 2014: Climate Desk’s Year In Review – Climate Desk

#19 Best News Bloopers Of 2014 – NewsBeFunny

#20 EVERLY Trailer – Youssef Jaber

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