Machinima Prime Debuts Loadout: Going In Hot Series

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It’s always a dangerous maneuver to turn a video game into a web series or film, but then, if you are going down that rabbit hole, Machinima is the gun you want on your hip.

Adapting third-person shooter game Loadout: Going In Hot by Edge of Reality, Wayside Creations has taken on a big action gambit, but so far they seem to have the people in place to pull it off. Richard Hatch, of BattlestarGalactica fame (I bet he is so tired of people making “Survivor” jokes — different guy, btw) heads the crew of misfit miners as they blast out across the galaxy in their rickety ship to seek their fortune.

Directed by Vincent Talenti of Red Star fame, Loadout: Going In Hot debuts on Machinima Prime today with all the wacky hijinks and space violence it deserves. I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but they’ve already delivered on some key characters and have a lot to work with. It will be exciting to watch this series develop. The heavy lifting will be on writer/exec. producer Matt Munson to keep telling an engaging story in a world with limitations — but I think he’s up to it.

If you’re a fan of the game, sci-fi, action comedy, web series, Richard Hatch, or, hell, space in general — definitely shoot over to Machinima Prime today and give Loadout: Going In Hot a look.


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