Max Schneider Sings “Tomorrow” in an Alley, Nails It

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.59.06 AM

I grew up on Annie. I watched the Aileen Quinn version so many times as a tiny, strange child that apparently I eventually gnawed off like a fifth of the VHS box while watching. (Thank god iPads and DVDs are a little more impervious to children’s teeth, am I right?)

Point being, as excited as I am for the new Annie movie, I still get a little hesitant about cover songs that change stuff up. Like, they’re cool, okay, yes, but why would I want to listen to them when I could listen to the movie versions??

That train of thought pretty much went out the window after I saw this fantastic version of Annie staple “Tomorrow” by recent NMR fave MAX, featuring For the Foxes singer Nick Dungo on the ukulele (quite skillfully so, I might add). The video is simple — just two dudes singing and playing, walking down a cold alley, like you do — yet pleasing to the eye, and the simplicity means nothing takes away from how talented these guys are, and how good their cover of the song is.

So check it out, and as a fun bonus, keep an eye out for the guy that randomly exits the building behind them. YOUR EARS RECEIVED A TREAT, SIR. ACCEPT IT.


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