Meet ‘Berta,’ the Trolliest Troll Who Ever Trolled YouTube

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So much for YouTube’s refined comment system

In what seems like a delightful commentary on the YouTube comment system itself, SOMEONE has gamed the system to become a better troll.

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YouTube’s algorithm filters look for people who are apparently engaging in the conversation based on the video’s tags. This allows those weird Spam comments and Nazi propaganda to be shifted out of view while lifting up meaningful dialogues. Enter “Berta Lovejoy” though.

Like something out of 4chan’s twisted sensibility, Berta is frequently the top comment on MANY of the top videos trending. And why wouldn’t she be? She ONLY comments on the video being displayed — and how it is offensive to her well-being and feminism at large. See Berta is the ultimate troll: her profile picture portrays her as a smug, bespectacled, loud, white woman. She’s huge into feminism and religion and telling other people their opinions are wrong or don’t matter. And all men are rapists-in-waiting, trying to get at her. Basically, everything about her is the internet’s worst enemy.


And she’s very good at what she does.

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People become irate at the prospect of this ignoramus who is spitting venom on the videos they love. She’s the kind of person that we all believe hails from the midwest and sticks her nose into other people’s business. Even her name sounds like someone you don’t want to get stuck talking to at a cocktail party. There isn’t anybody who likes that person. Here is a video of a real-life Berta Lovejoy — you’ll see why it’s so easy to dislike her:

I am saddened that Berta has not graced this video with her presence though — I would love to know whose side she would take.

Naturally, Berta is a mystery; her YouTube account is just an empty husk that allows her access to all the comment threads that YouTube has to offer. So what is her endgame? Does she just exist for the lulz? Is she a thinking person’s jape at the inadequacies of the new comment system? Is she an engineered bit of reverse psychology created to turn laypeople against feminism, religion and all that 4chan despises? Or is there really some self-centered, unironic lady out there who just hates everything in the world that isn’t feminism?

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Oh Berta, you goddamned enigma; don’t you ever leave us.

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