Mojang Founder Notch Buys His Minecraft Dream House

notchkingIn Minecraft, if you want to own your dream house you have to spend hours gathering the materials. You need to mine stone and ore, chop down trees for wood, smelt sand into glass, and maybe even take a trip to the nether to get some glowstone to expand your lighting options. In real life all you need to do to own the perfect house is have millions of dollars to spend on it. That’s what Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson demonstrated recently when he dropped $70 million on a Beverly Hills mansion fit for Bey and Jay.


According to real-estate blog Curbed LA, the house includes 8 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and all kinds of over-the-top amenities. Persson is now the proud owner of an in-home theatre, a replica of James Dean’s iconic motorcycle, a solid Onyx dining room table, and 15 of the most expensive toilets in the world (Toto Neorest toilets run about $5,600, leaving us to wonder just how good that experience can truly be).


Apparently Notch, the visionary founder of Mojang who once told the press that he wasn’t interested in huge payouts or skyscraping piles of cash, has finally figured out away to spend his Microsoft money. Last Fall Persson reversed course on his earlier altruistic assertions and sold Mojang to Microsoft for an estimated $2.5 billion much of which will go directly in to Persson’s pockets. You can check out some pics of the totally insane Minecraft mansion below. Fortunately for Notch, he’ll no longer have to worry about Creeper explosion taking out parts of his property, just exploding property taxes.


Notchhouse3 notchhouse4

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