Music Monday: Amazing Dance Videos!

Musicians on YouTube get plenty of love from us around here – for this week’s #MusicMonday, we decided to show some appreciation to some of the amazing dancers on the Intarwebs. Because there’s nothing like appreciating physical artistic expression while sitting motionless in front of a screen.

Evan DeSimone

I know what you’re thinking. Nicki Minaj’s modern classic “Anaconda” is not for kids. With it’s provocative lyrics and extremely racy video it’s definitely not the kind that an 11-year-old child should be exposed to. You are correct about that, but also I don’t care. That’s because the girl in this video, Taylor Hatala, has better moves than you or I will ever have. (Unless you are actually Taylor Hatala reading this in which case HI! You rock!)

This video of Taylor showing off her sick moves alongside her instructor, choreographer Laurence Kaiwai, was enough to earn both of them a visit to the Ellen Show. I’m notoriously untrustworthy so it wouldn’t surprise me if you don’t believe me, but would you really question Ellen? I mean she’s ELLEN! Or I suppose you could just trust your own eyes by watching the video. That would probably work too.

Sara Parra

This video marks first instance I ever saw Bryan “Chibi” Gaynor. At the time I was writing for another publication, and immediately delved into every video he had put up thus far. Gaynor’s moves are smooth and jarring at the same time. He’s perfected being a robot. As a matter of fact, for his audition on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, he stunned both the judges and the audiences.

Gaynor suffers from scoliosis and despite his incredibly painful condition, he dances beautifully and with precision that I’ve never seen before. He’s easily one of my favorite dancers to watch, and his crew Remote Kontrol contains another one of favorites as well, Marquese Scott.

Christine Linnell

I’m not much of an “America’s Got Talent” sort of person, but this hybrid dance routine/light show from Team iLuminate is seriously cool, combining artistry and software engineering. The group ranked pretty high in their AGT run and they’ve gone on to perform with musicians like Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta. Plus a college friend of mine was one of the engineers, so I get to be all irrationally pleased with myself like I had something to do with it. Yay!

Jeff Klima

Since the topic is Amazing Dance Videos this Music Monday, I’d like to submit one of my favorite performance pieces: The World’s Greatest Sign Flipper. What that video doesn’t tell you though is that his buddy is also in the video, and as far as dubstep goes, this guy is a-maz-ing. I count both performances as dances, but since there is a “no jokes” policy in place, technically only the one guy is actually dancing and not flipping a sign. Does this mean he’s unemployed? I don’t know. He kinda looks like he’s got a habit for crystal meth, so there has got to be some income — government? palimony? frivolous lawsuits? — coming in somewhere.

With moves like this though, this guy can write his own ticket in life. As long as he doesn’t, you know, aspire too high.

Rachel Kiley

I offer absolutely zero apologies for this. Because you know what? Despite being, as Evan would say, “on brand” for me, it’s also really damn good. These dancers took a… let’s be real, a strange song to do a dance routine to, and actually managed to make it work, while showing off their skills. It doesn’t hurt that the song is super awesome, obviously. But, as someone who has now watched numerous dance routines on YouTube set to “Cups,” I can assure you that this is one of the better ones, if not the best. Way to go, Urban Dance Camp!

Jenni Powell

Nathan Barnatt (or as I lovingly refer to him as: “The Man With No Bones”) makes some of my absolute favorite dance videos on YouTube. It was really hard for me to choose between this one and Obama’s Victory Dance, which is equally as awesome. But because of the amazing cameos by the likes of T.J. Miller, iJustine, Martin Starr, and Yelle herself and the amazingness of Nathan jumping into a wall and changing his clothes, I just had to go with Comme Un Enfant.

Nathan and I actually go way back…we were going through UCB classes at the same time several years ago and he’d often test out bits and characters at UCB’s open sketch show “Not Too Shabby.” I would marvel as Nathan would throw himself over walls, landing face first on the ground and then getting right back up just to batter his body once more. His facial expressions show his pure joy in what he does, even if it often results in cringing of his viewers. It’s a tough brand of comedy to pull off, but Nathan nails it.

Carrington Walsh

I must say it was quite hard to decide on one video for today’s theme. When I heard “cool dance videos” SO many videos popped into my mind. Finally, after much deliberation (and looking through just about all of Yanis Marshall’s videos), I settled on the fabulous Charlize Glass.

Not to throw shade to Evan’s pick for Music Monday, but Taylor Hatala has nothing on Charlize Glass. This 12-year-old has videos of her dances all over YouTube, but one of the most iconic ones would have to be this dance to Beyonce’s Yonce. As a crazy Beyonce fan, I can tell you that this girl does Yonce justice! Werk, Charlize!


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