Music Monday: Bad Lip Syncs

We all love a good lip sync video — seriously they’re the BEST — but sometimes it’s even more entertaining when lip syncing goes horribly, horribly wrong. Have a dose of comically bad/weird fake singing for your #MusicMonday.

Jeff Klima

I think “Call Me Maybe” deserves its own Hall of Fame in the pantheon of bad lip syncing videos on YouTube because EVERYONE did one. It was the Harlem Shake of three years ago. And everyone erroneously believed their version was “not terrible.” Really, I could have highlighted one from any of the colleges or high schools who banded faculty and student body together for some crappy pastiche, but I wanted one that was actually sort of pleasant and not “unwatchable.” And so I selected the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders and their, um, enthusiastic rendition. Take special note around the 1:36 mark for the one girl in the back who really doesn’t know the song at all. I’m guessing English is a second language. But you know what? I don’t care. In fact, I think I’m going to watch this video again.

Sara Parra

Want to talk about bad lip-syncing? Well, TheKosmic8 makes bad lip-syncing his motherf**king job. He takes existing videos and dubs them over into the worst pile of garbage they could possibly sound like and throws it back out into the world as if they were legitimately recorded that way, and you know what?

It’s f**king awesome. You’ll laugh so hard your sides will hurt. You might even pee a little. In this I present my favorite example in the form of Jessie J “singing” Bang, Bang.

Evan DeSimone

To be fair, Ashlee Simpson can’t have had it easy. As the younger sister of Jessica Simpson she had to pick a completely different aesthetic from her Daisy Duke inspired sister. Ashlee went mall-punk and released a few slick pop jams riddled with angst-by-Hot-Topic, but it all came to an embarrassing halt, as so many things do, on the stage of Saturday Night Live. This was the lip syncing fail heard, or rather NOT heard, around the world. Ashlee misses her mark not once but twice, failing to keep up with her own pre-recorded vocals before bounding off stage while her backing band plays on. She eventually went on to marry, and later divorce, Fall Out Boy Front Man Pete Wentz, do some “acting,” and even produce another album, but her lip sycn fail combined with awkward hoedown dance will life in GIF infamy forever.

Rachel Kiley

I’m sure the very first time someone posted a parent/child lip dub in a car video, it was cute and amusing. I’m sure the few that followed were, too. But for heaven’s sake, enough already! They aren’t fun anymore. And what’s worse, a lot of them aren’t even good!

I kind of arbitrarily singled out this one when in reality my distaste is aimed at the entire genre (can we call it a genre? Is it big enough now? Oh god), but it’s a prime example. Neither one of them even knows the lyrics! At least learn the damn lyrics! COME ON PEOPLE!

The state of the lip dub community is undoubtedly going down as these continue. And nobody — nobody — is yelling “Timber.”

Christine Linnell

This video from Jimmy Slonina might not belong on the “Bad Lip Syncs” list, as the lip syncing itself is pretty good. I’d just like that piece of my soul back, is all. (why are there two of him how does he go that long without blinking I just dear god)


Who else should maybe stick to lip syncing alone in front of a mirror using a hairbrush as a microphone, like a respectable person? Tell us in the comments!