Music Monday: Songs That Go “Eff This”

Editor’s Note: Hey, guys, Logan here. Uh. So… I don’t think we collectively set out to drop the F-bomb as much as we did, but I’m certainly of a mind for our guys and gals to speak their minds. Turns out, their minds went… dark. So, just, y’know? Be forewarned, we’re rated R for language.

It has been a long, difficult year for a lot of people, and sometimes you need music to express just how 500% done you are with everything. This week’s #MusicMonday flips a hearty middle finger to all the sucky things in our lives.

Christine Linnell

Sometimes you just need to let go of your grievances, center yourself, open a bottle of wine and listen to sweet, adorable Sara Bareilles swear like a goddamn sailor. There were days in the past year when I could not deal with certain people without playing this delightful song on repeat for hours at a time. Try it. You’ll feel better.

Jeff Klima

As few of you know (because I am ashamed), I am currently rocking it in Ohio this year (no, I did not have to move back in with my parents!). Ohio is … well, there is snow. Evil, rotten snow that I never had to deal with in California drifts down all throughout late autumn/all winter. I was baffled and confused and since I pretty much live in flip flops and shorts, cold. So this video 100 percent sums up my feelings the first time I encountered the white powder that you can’t snort. No bueno.

I don’t know what everyone else hated this year, but for me, it was snOhio. I don’t know if that’s a thing or I just made it up, but because it’s the end of the year, I’m also posting this, my runner up.

Sara Parra

I can’t even begin to describe how much I cannot stand ‘Let it Go’ at this point, a song about a girl saying “f**k this” to the world. Well you know what? F**k this song. This song’s been covered so many times on YouTube that I think it probably has its own entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. And you know what annoys me the most about it? It’s not that the song has been sung at least six times by every person on the planet. It’s not that it’s a musical. No, it’s the fact that it is the most lazy song on the entire soundtrack. It utilizes a chord progression that’s present in many of the major hits from the past 50 years. Everyone praises this song as the most original thing to hit music since the Beatles. Well let me tell you something folks, you’ve heard this song. You’ve heard it over and over. You’ll probably hear it again sometime soon. So please for the love of god:

Let it go

Carrington Walsh

There is no other song that says “f**k this” better than “I Don’t F**k With You” by Big Sean. This song was allegedly inspired by his relationship with Naya Rivera, and has recently become an anthem for American teenagers. Another plus, this song is extremely catchy. But that’s also a minus, because you don’t want to be caught accidentally singing IDFWU at Christmas dinner. Learn from my mistakes.

Rachel Kiley

“F**k this” songs are some of my absolute favorite types. And 2014 has definitely been a “good riddance” kind of year, so it was very difficult to choose just one song for this week’s round up. But at the end of the day, the song I always seem to come back to is from my Fall Out Boy roots: “Chicago is So Two Years Ago.” Though personally it always seems to be particularly relevant during years when I was, in fact, in Chicago two years prior (and 2014 is such a year), that’s a very specific relation you don’t have to share to be able to appreciate these “f**k you” lyrics. And for good measure, here’s the actual, non-acoustic/non-live version of the song.


Any other great “f**k this” songs out there? Send us a link in the comments.

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