Netflix Finally Has A Plan For Wet Hot American Summer


Sometimes you wake up on a Friday morning and you’re sick and you feel like there’s an alien chest-burster inside your lungs and you’re just like OMG come quick death. (I’m not speaking from experience or anything) However just this once take my advice and don’t jump just yet because I’ve got the perfect reason to keep on living just in time for the weekend. According to E! news Netflix is finally ready to move forward with the Wet Hot American Summer adaptation we’ve all been waiting for.

Netflix told E! that the planned sequel will now take the form of a miniseries instead of a second film. That’s great news for Wet Hot fans who have been waiting for a follow-up to the cult classic since 2001. No word yet on which of the original cast might return for the project. Wet Hot American Summer featured a laundry list of current and future stars. Since the films premiere many of its stars have gone on to have huge breakout roles of their own. It might be a little harder to book people like Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, and Bradley Cooper today than it was a decade ago.


During a Reddit AMA writer David Wain told fans that he anticipated the return of the original cast for the sequel. In addition to Poehler, Rudd, and Cooper the film stared Michael Showalter, Christopher Meloni, David Hyde Pierce, Molly Shannon, Janeane Garofalo, Marguerite Moreau, Michael Ian Black, Ken Marino, Elizabeth Banks, and Joe Lo Trugilo. The film featured a hilarious if surrealist take on 1980’s summer camp. The counsellors of Camp Firewood were subject to one continuity defying mad cap adventure after another in a film that remains as bizarre as it is beloved.

The project is the latest example of Netlix making fans dreams comes true. The streaming platform has made a name for itself creating buzzy original series and resurrecting cult favorites like Arrested Development. The Wet Hot miniseries is sure to delight fans of the original who have been patiently waiting for a followup ever since the original ended with the counselors of Camp Firewood agreeing to meet up in ten years’ time. Hopefully the full cast will make it their bees wax to be on time for that rendezvous; I know that fans will.


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