#News Against Humanity


The #News gang is a big fan of Cards Against Humanity, mostly because the #News team is composed of terrible monster people without souls, but also a because they admire the game-makers irreverent anti-consumerism stance. In the past, the makers of Cards Against Humanity have taken a stand against gross “traditions” like Black Friday by raising the price of their game or even pulling it from shelves entirely. That’s a pretty radical statement to make in a world where people routinely get trampled to death for Black Friday deals.

To celebrate Cards Against Humanity and all their hard work taking the $ out of Chri$tma$, #News gathered up their three killer hosts for a rousing game. Watch Gabe Hohreiter, Chad Neidt, and Anais Fair-weather duke it out on the gaming to see which of them is the ultimate enemy of human kind.


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