No Mixed Feelings About This Home Alone Techno Remix


Let me be clear, I have no interest in getting into the holiday spirit. I haven’t done any of my shopping, I don’t like the cold, and visiting my family requires heavy sedation. Still, even I can occasionally be shaken from my Scrooge-like anti-holiday stance. I’m still human and as such I’m not immune to the charms of Home Alone, the 90’s Christmas movie classic in which a young Macaulay Culkin defends his home from burglars using a variety of fiendish traps. It’s the kind of movie that just gets better when you grow up and realize that any one of those traps could be totally lethal in real life.

As if that weren’t delightful enough, YouTuber and DJ Sams-Never-Played-The-Bass has remixed the film with a jaunty techno beat. As Christmas songs go this one doesn’t fill me with nearly as much blood boiling rage as some other modern classics. Check it out.



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