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Monday, December 29th 2014

There are plenty of YouTubers back in the Top 20 spotlight with videos from Superwoman and The Fine Bros trending strong this morning, but the top spot is dominated by a piece of surprising news. A CNN clip of New York City cops turning their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio during a memorial for one of the two police officers killed earlier this month. Police unions have clashed with the mayor over his perceived lack of support for the NYPD during recent anti-police violence protests, but a visual display of protests is making huge waves in the media and online.

Elsewhere on the countdown, the Fine Bros gathered an all-star team of YouTubers to react to this 2014 “YouTube Rewind” video and frankly watching our faves react is more fun the reacting to the video ourselves. Pitbull, Ne-Yo, and Justin Bieber all dropped collaborations that are trending upwards this morning as are viral videos of the world’s most ornate gas station bathroom and a man paying off his parent’s mortgage just in time for Christmas. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even vomit with excitement all on today’s YouTube Top 20.

#1 Cops Turn Backs On DeBlasio At Funeral – CNN

#2 Jennifer Lawrence Does C-A-R-D-S Cheer Louisville vs. Kentucky 12-27-2014 – The Crunch Zone

#3 Best News Bloopers Of 2014 – NewsBeFunny

#4 Lizard Squad – Sky News Interview – Nasyr

#5 This is a real gas station toilet. Serously –Bigsmilenoteeth’s Channel

#6 Santa Clause (sic) Caught On Camera – Dean Fisher

#7 Merry Christmas – JoeyTrombone

#8 An Astronaut’s Guide to Optimism – Chris Hadfield

#9 9 New iPhone Tricks That’ll Change Your Life – BuzzfeedVideo

#10 Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014 || FailArmy Best Fails of the Year – FailArmy

#11 Grandma Opening Chocolate iPhone – Jordan Graham

#12 How My Parents Fell In Love (ft. Kunal Nayyar) – ||Superwoman||

#13????? Dragon Blade?????No.1 – WebZine Check

#14 Call of Duty Live Action Trailer Starring Chris Evans – Bain Williams

#15 Top 10 NBA Plays: Christmas Day 2014 – NBA

#16 YouTubers React to YouTube Rewind 2014 – The Fine Bros

#17Poo Bear – “Work For It” Ft. Tyga and Justin Bieber – Poo Bear

#18 Pitbull, Ne-Yo – “Time Of Our Lives” – PitbullVEVO

#19 Amin Elhassan Drops “Temecula” Reference On SportsCenter – Sports Grid

#20 The Interview – Enimem (sic) Admits He Is Gay – LilWayneLogic

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