#O2LForever: YouTube SuperGroup Breaks Up, NMR Remembers Their 8 Best Videos

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Without the fan magnet that was Connor Franta, you knew O2L just wasn’t going to have the same draw. We just thought they would last beyond 2014 — apparently though, the tween sextet-turned-quintet has decided to break several million hearts (2.8 million to be more exact) as a late Christmas gift.

Announcing on their popular Our2ndLife channel via a video titled This Is Not Goodbye, the group, whose remaining members are Ricky Dillon, Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley, Sam Pottorff and Trevor Moran teamed up one last time to announce the closing of their channel. While the YouTubers will go their separate ways, they will each collectively remain on YouTube, choosing instead to focus on their own solo channels. Of course, the supergroup will always remain in our hearts — especially as we look back fondly over the other seven videos that, for better or worse, made an impact on NMR. They probably also made an impact on you too. (NMR holds up the lighter app on our iPhones). With over 700 videos, this was no small task.

7. Welcome to Our2ndLife

How could we not choose their debut vid for this list — created just two years ago, the idea seemed so novel: each guy had their own day of the week. It didn’t quite work out like that in the end, but it was a beautiful dream nonetheless. And with Connor Franta Mondays, how could you not look forward to the worst day of the week?

6. The Slender Man Game Scares Ricky Dillon

Here Ricky Dillon shit-talks and disrespects the Slender Man online game, calling the Slender Man a Gossip Girl-esque wannabe. Then Slender Man shows up and kills the shrieking teen. Respect must be learned, Ricky. Always fear the Slender Man.

5. How to FanGirl

What was brilliant about the O2L dynamic was that the boys would each take their own stance on a topic and then let the fans decide who was the most popular in the end. Of course, this ultimately lead to Connor leaving the group, but it was wonderful for a minute. And this round of How To videos with Connor educating his fangirls on how to be fangirls is perfect. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Jc Caylen’s Hidden Talent

Did you know Jc Caylen could chug an Arizona Iced Tea in under 45 seconds? What? You can too? No you can’t. Lies. Try it. See? It’s harder than it looks. Ask Connor — it took him over a minute.

3. What Girls Don’t Get

Kian teams up with Andrea Russett to answer all girls questions about guys. Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty basic stuff, but Kian puts some real honesty into it. If we could only get girls to accept that they should text us first, our lives would be so much easier.

2. Finding My Mom On Omeagle

Okay, we admit it, this list is a little Connor-heavy, but we like what we like. Here’s a GREAT video that we LOVE of Connor going on Omeagle to surprise fans! We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but Connor’s mom doesn’t actually show up. Still an easy pick for our second favorite O2L vid though.

1. A New Chapter

How could Connor leaving O2L not be our most important moment? This is like the day the laughter died. It was a difficult and heartbreaking decision — but Connor was not a bird meant to be caged. Sniff. Although our O2L lighter still burned bright afterwards, it never burned quite so magically.


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