OMGLiterallyDead Will Literally Make Your Day Brighter

OMG gonna drink pumpkin spice lat-baes until I am literally dead! #PSL

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Instagram has several amazing parody accounts, but this one takes the cake!

The overabundant and improper use of the word literal, quite literally drives me insane, and this fantastic Instagram made me feel so much better.

Omg worked out so hard I’m literally dead!! #gymlife #fitlife #glutesforever

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Did I mention that Skellie’s hashtags are on point?

Ugh, I seriously can’t with mornings. #TGIF amiright?! #iwokeuplikethis #nomakeup #morningselfie

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And she also completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

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However, that did not bode well for enigmatic piece of Osteology, as she apparenly caught a “deadly cold”:

Thankfully Skellie has survived to provide more entertainment, and we can’t wait to see more:

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