Paul McCartney Channels Princess Leia In New Destiny Video


Paul McCartney is a living legend, the most prolific members of the Beatles with a career that has spanned decades. In that time he’s penned indelible classics and more than a few forgettable pieces of pop. Such is the career of any great artists. Overall, Sir Paul has done more than his fair share to contribute to the musical arts and to popular culture. Recently he even took a surprising, but ultimately successful, gig composing music for the smash hit game Destiny.

The game’s score has been praised by critics, but the music video McCartney released to accompany the soundtrack is something truly out of this world. McCartney appears as a hologram of the “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!” variety zooming around various settings from the game and…moving his arms around? It’s all very confusing. The video looks like something your average YouTuber with 30 subs could whip up in final cut. The track is called “Hope For The Future,” which leads us to hope that in the future Paul isn’t remembered solely for this messy masterpiece.



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