Periods. Film Trailer Features Zachary Quinto, Grace Helbig

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Well this is interesting …

Not only has the web series Periods. finally been adapted into a feature length movie, available on iTunes now, but series co-creator Anna Martemucci has evidently talked her The Chair buddy Zachary Quinto into taking on a cameo role.

The comedy series, which runs on her Periods. Films channel, has also scooped up appearances by Grace Helbig, Penn Badgley, Pablo Schreiber and Willie Garson. Seeking to tell the mysteries of the universe in a nutshell, this comedy hops across time to tell allegories, anecdotes and stories from different … wait for it … periods in history.

Quinto, who walked off the set of “The Chair” as producer in an uproar over Shane Dawson’s winning film, “Not Cool” and its allegedly homophobic and racist overtones, was also a producer of Martemucci’s previous film effort, “Breakup At A Wedding.”

If the film is anything like the series, which Time Magazine once called “One of the 15 funniest web comedies,” this film will be well worth your, um, time.


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