PewDiePie Is Paying A Visit To South Park


It’s an event that the producers of South Park are calling it their biggest celebrity cameo ever and while I sense that they’re trying to be cheeky, they might just be right. The king of YouTube himself, PewDiePie, will be lending his voice to an upcoming episode of the raunchy animated comedy. PewDiePie announced the cameo in a video on his personal channel yesterday. Though neither Pewds nor Comedy Central have revealed much about the episdode or his role, it’s clear that YouTube’s biggest star is amped for his appearance on the long-running comedy.


Over the years South Park has scored dozens of big name guests, including a number of Hollywood stars. Though the show has lampooned various internet memes like Rebecca Black and Chris Crocker in the past, this is the first time that the creators have welcomed an internet celebrity as a featured guest. True to form they’ve started at the top by scoring the most subscribed person on YouTube. The plot of the episode remains under wraps, but the titled “#Rehash” certainly screams INTERNET.

The episode airs tonight December 3rd at 10 pm on Comedy Central.


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